Artist – Max Avery

  Guest -Post Max Avery I’m Max Avery from Portsmouth, England. My music story starts 11 years ago at a local festival, Wickham Festival. A few friends and I were watching local acts on a stage at a festival. I […]

Jupiter Grey – Artist

  Guest – Post Jupiter Grey April 16th sees alternative R&B artist Jupiter Grey return with his first release of the year, “Stay With Me” – the second single off his forthcoming debut LP, Fires On The Moon. Jupiter Grey is an emerging London-based singer whose journey […]

Flyswatter – Artists

Guest – Post Flyswatter   Flyswatter was founded in 1994 by Attila, Marco, Florry and Tony. We started rehearsing in Florry’s parent’s house. After playing pretty much every birthday party, school prom and the local club, we recorded our first […]

Artist – Fish And Scale

  Fish And Scale Guests-Post Unmask myself is the second single released from the “You Can Call Me Love” album. The song describes the inner liberation from the self – imposed and socially imposed role specifications. The key to happiness […]

Artist – Shem Thomas

Guest – Post Shem Thomas Seeing the world through the eyes of a child. A mood of departure and a time to concentrate on the essentials, despite (or because of) difficult circumstances. «MIRACLE» is a statement and an attempt to […]

Artist – Astrid Nora

  Guest – Post   The singer and composer behind WHERE DID NORA GO, Astrid Nora, is back with one more single, ‘RETURNING’, which precedes the upcoming EP, whose songs have all been created during lockdown and which goes under […]

Artists – – Arionce

    GuestPost – Arionce   Berlin comes up with the next insider tip: they dare experiment with instruments, tell exciting stories with depth & lyrical skill and take in unusual and challenging narrative perspectives. They break every rule that […]

Artist – Tobel Lopes

      My name is Tobel  Lopes, and I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1978. My love for music started when I still was a toddler. My father used to take me to see the rehearsals of a […]


The Happy Sun new video for “Giving Ground.” Andrew Eldritch, sisters of Mercy.   The sisterhood. The 1980’s Gerhard Potuznik, aka The Happy Sun, has dug through the mothballs (again), pulled out one of his all-time favourite songs, given it […]

Miss Positive

One of my favourite quotes… Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.