GuestPost – JJ 

Hello, my name is JJ, and this is my story of how I live in complete remission of mental illness.
2016 was the year that saved my life. The year I found my miracle in ketamine infusion.

Let me backpedal slightly to explain how I came to be using these infusions. For 20+ years, I suffered from severe mental illness. I had been sexually assaulted as a child and was silenced. The silence manifested me into a life of severe mental illness: multiple hospitals stays, Electric shock therapy, 45 Medications over 20 years with no real relief.

In 2016, my doctor told me there was nothing else they could do for me. He would sign off on permanent disability, and I could begin day hospital life. Meaning, they would pick me up on the bus every day at my driveway, and I could live out my life on disability.

They had written me off as nothing more that they could do. Well….I wouldn’t settle. I couldn’t settle. That’s when the universe aligned and put a trending article about Ketamine infusion in my path. The headlines were “Rave Drug hailed as a new miracle for the mentally ill.” I immediately clicked on it.

I began to research what I could find on it—even calling our National institute of mental health to see if I could get into a trial study. I eventually found a clinic in Princeton, NJ, and called them. I was willing to travel anywhere. Again, the universe aligned, and they told me they were opening the 2nd clinic in a city close to my hometown. I waited a month until they opened and became the first patient in my state. And the first of a handful in the country to do this treatment.

My relief came in the form of silence rather quickly. Within a few hours of my first ketamine infusion, I stopped having the bombardment of negativity and constant fighting of my brain. Silence commenced, and it was beautiful. I cried like a baby after that first infusion.

Immediately I could see differences. Colors came back. I became aware of exterior noises. My coping skills and interactions became more accessible and better. I became well.
Now, to talk semantics, what is Ketamine infusion? Ketamine infusion is small doses of ketamine infused through an IV for about 40 minutes. After those 40 minutes, the flush of saline solution is run through, and then you go home. During the infusion, you have an “Experience, or trip,” as many like to call it. During this trip, you do a lot of introspection and work. It’s like you are a soldier on the frontline against your mental illness. During the experience,” I work at gaining confidence and strength and beating my mental illness from the inside out.

The first six infusions will be the most important. This is when they build you up. These infusions are done in about three weeks. After these initial 6, you begin boosters. I only need my booster every six months. But most, in the beginning, get about a month out of the relief of an infusion.

However, as time passes and the longer you use infusions, the less you need them, and the more time you can get between boosters.
Let’s talk about results; Before I began infusions, I couldn’t work. I couldn’t live. I was surviving but not living.

I was on many prescriptions at max doses and still had zero relief. My diagnosis is severe-Major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, PTSD, and anorexia.

Fast forward almost six years. I now own three online boutiques. I am an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter. I have an acting career and am a social influencer. I am a fantastic mother and wife! I live a quality life I didn’t think was imaginable.

With virtually zero symptoms of mental illness. For prescriptions, after five years, I am off sedatives, sleeping pills, and I only take a minimum dose of medication.

I started doing social media as a way to heal while telling my story of remission. I just felt like people should know that this treatment is out there. So I began my journey with my handle iam4ktrip on TikTok and below on Instagram.


Miss. positive