Teo Blaze’s GuestPost

Teo’s path to music was a little bumpy. Teo grew up in a family of math professors. For a long time, he was sure: he would become a scientist too! Music was a passion, a hobby, but turn it into a career?

That would be crazy he began studying mechanical engineering – everything went according to plan, until one day, an injury to his spine turned his life upside down.

It quickly became apparent that he had to get surgery on his spine; the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of walking again afterward. Shortly before the surgery, he made a pact with himself. If he could walk again, he would pursue his dreams and make his real passion – music.

After the surgery and months in which he had to walk again, Teo applied for a conservatory in Vienna – and was accepted. On average, his fellow students took piano, singing, and guitar lessons since they were small children. To keep up with them was not easy, but now Teo is about to graduate. At the same time, he is also releasing his debut single, “she won’t come back.”

Story of She Won’t Come Back.

The song is about a recurring dream I had for quite some time. At that time, I lost somebody when I least expected it, which led to severe depression. It was one of the most challenging times of my life, and it took me two years to get out of it.
The moment I moved on and felt happy again, this dream started to recur. In my song, I explain everything that happened during this time. Thank you for listening!
Teo Blaze ❤


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