Award-winning singer-songwriter Caitlin Mae announces her brand new single “Tunnel Vision,” contributing to the quintet of tracks on her forthcoming five-song EP “Blind Spot.”


Pre-order – Friday 29th October 

Release – Friday 19th November

2021 is proving to be a whirlwind of opportunity for Caitlin Mae, who was recently invited to attend the ARC Radio Listener Awards where she won “Song of the Year” for her hit single ‘Take My Demons.’ Having performed on the same stage as ‘Scouting For Girls’ and ‘Sophie Ellis-Bextor’ during the summer months, she continues to reach new heights, working tirelessly towards her dreams and aspirations. Pen in hand, Caitlin Mae writes with a mature outlook on life and claims that past experiences have only strengthened her and given her more to be thankful for in the present. 

After the highly successful launch of her debut EP “Perspective,” which topped the iTunes charts at #1, Caitlin Mae wastes no time presenting her growing army of supporters, known as “Dreamers,” with a fresh new offering.

“Tunnel Vision” exudes a different vibe to her previous releases and is written from a place of vulnerability. It tells a story of becoming too used to being let down by the same person you can’t help forgiving every time while acknowledging that the heart wants what it wants.

The words depict the emotional journey of relying on a ghost of a person who was never really there for me. Coming to terms with love and loss and navigating such stormy seas when you are young can be heavy, but this song (and the EP as a whole) is how I felt at the time and continue to feel to this day. The relationships we build with the people around us are each an adventure in their own right. Some end in memories we will cherish forever, while others end in heartbreak”. (Artist Quote)

Finding strength in acceptance, this anthem encourages independence and coming to terms with the importance of being your biggest cheerleader.

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