GuestPost Christopher Marciano

Orlando, FL -Release Date: September 19th: After four long years of fans waiting for his debut release, Christopher Marciano finally announces Transparency. This 16 track project is said to open the world up to his challenges and experiences in life.

“Transparency began as a therapy session featuring myself as I have used Music for years as a form of healing. As I continued on this journey, I saw that I wanted it to be less about me and more about healing others, says a very excited Marciano.

Christopher has always been an advocate for Mental Health, with appearances on your Positive Imprint, Dubai’s Music. The Mix live and fox 35, Marciano is seen speaking of self-worth and overcoming the mind’s hurdles.

I think for so long because these songs are my stories… some are tough to hear, and to have the world share this journey can be quite intimidating. Then, I thought about what happened as a result of these songs, and the light came from it.

I want to share the light and be a small purpose, a reason why someone’s life is just a little better.

Transparency features songs such as “In love with your lover,” which has been extremely popular in Brazil and Dubai. He is heard hitting his highest note and singing lyrics of a restricted unexpected love story.

Marciano channeled his Cape veteran Culture in his infectious upbeat song. “Speechless,” where he is heard singing “ohhh na na na na” playfully to the person he has set his eyes on.

I wrote the song Reason when I almost gave up on Music. My friends and family gave me a reason to keep fighting, and I wanted to express how thankful I was for them showing me my worth’s an artist.

Now, I want others to go out there and reason someone is going through a difficult time. The UCf Gospel & Cultural Choir can be heard supporting Marciano during the bridge of the song as they sing strength and love.

Pop-driven track “heart Belongs To You” features a fun and flirty Marciano expressing how he is not sure whether this love is mutual, but he will dance his way towards finding out. Kristina, A&R from Atlantic records, deemed this song a hit.

I remember watching Candice Boyd on “The Four” and heard Diddy, Dj Khaled, Fergie, and Meghan Trainor rave about her. I knew I had to try and get her on this record. I heard back within a few days that she was excited about “All of Me.”

Christopher expresses that you can hearth harmonizing to words such as, say that it will be just fine and we’ll make it through the night, say that you want me and that you won’t leave, promise I’ll get this right give you all of me.

Celebrity artist Jozea also supported Marciano from CBS Big Brother, MTV The Challenge, and MTV’s Ex on the Beach on the summer hit single, “Stubborn.” This song is featured on the album and was performed live in NYC for Rapaul’s Dragcon in 2019.  When did I ever think I would ever be on stage in New York City singing for Rapaul’s Dragon! Says Marciano.

Layird Music produces the album, Mantra beats, Feelo Wolfgang Pander, DannyebTracks, Oliver, Zero, Jurrivh, Eibyondeatrack, and Gold’s House. All lyrics were written by Christopher Marciano, with the exception of Jozea’s rap on stubborn.

The album was engineered by Layid Music and Uly. Transparency was recorded at Palace Recording Studios. Christopher has launched a Mental Health initiative called “Reason By Christopher Marciano,” where he donates 10% of his annual sales to a Mental health Organisation. He aligns his Music to his journey with his mental health.



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