GuestPost – Brian Mincher

I am a grateful recovered alcoholic and addict, and my name is Brian Mincher. I say recovered, because I am just that from a hopeless state of mind, body and spirit. Being able to live usefully, peacefully and freely from the bondage of drugs and alcohol that once controlled my life. I say grateful because without my Higher Power and the spiritual program of action I follow every day, I have no idea where I would be. 

I had my first drink and first joint at the age of 12. But I have realized that my character defects, such as needing to be accepted, dishonesty, selfishness, not being OK with who I was as a person, started well before that. Examples such as stealing POGS because I had to be “cool” in 5th grade or lying about a drawing I did in 3rd grade when it was entirely traced are just a couple.

 When I was 15, I had to get my stomach pumped with a BAC of .42 from chugging a bottle of Vodka before a football game. I distinctly remember the feeling I got, NEEDING to consume more and not having the ability to stop. But that incident also gave me a sense of belonging, attention, and the desire to be liked by many. I also had a very competitive side, but NEVER giving 100% towards anything in my life besides drinking, drugging and chasing women.

 Things just came naturally to me, such as schooling, making friends, and sports. I was a chameleon, having friends in different groups of people, again always needing to fit in and feel wanted. 

The HEAVY drinking and drugging didn’t really start until college at the age of 18 and continued to the age of 33 when I first stepped into AA, not on my own accord. For this entire period of time, I would drink until I couldn’t drink anymore; 5-6 times per week, were 75%of the time there would be copious amounts of cocaine involved, so the blackouts were not as prevalent. I had the world at my fingertips, graduating with a 3.5GPA in Business Management-Financial Analysis.

 A countless number of career opportunities and relationships were thrown away due to my disease. I did not see these issues as a problem because I was always able to “get by” due to no serious legal consequences. I stole, lied and cheated my way around life because this is how I chose to live. The selfish and self-centeredness was the heart of my disease, and NOTHING was getting in the way of that. I started to see a problem when relationships were disintegrating, and I lost three jobs in a one year period in my early 30’s, but I did nothing about it. 

I even got married in 2014 at the age of 32, solely on the fact that I thought it would “slow and settle me down”. Complete deception and manipulation on my part. I was pushed to AA at 33, and by this point, I KNEW I was an alcoholic and addict, and my drinking career was changed forever. I had some periods of dry time until I was 37 but never followed the program entirely. Not until I was able to get COMPLETELY HONEST with myself was I able to stop and follow this program how intended. I had to realize what it meant to live a life in recovery and what it took for me to do so. 

I was able to honestly and vigorously able to go through the 12-steps programme. I had to completely surrender to the spiritual program of action that is outlined in the 12-steps. What that means to me daily, I realize I am an alcoholic and turn my will over to my Higher Power through prayer and meditation. I have to live in the spiritual principles through action. I have to be honest, willing, humble, act with integrity, have courage and have faith in my God, to name a few.

 I have to act in service, and that is where Addiction Awareness Across America came in. I entirely know it is Gods purpose for me to carry my message, to help addicts and alcoholics and be of maximum usefulness to Him. Addiction Awareness Across America is exactly just that. Our mission is to combat the stigma associated with alcoholism and addiction through action. 

To shine a light on the true magnitude of the drug epidemic while raising awareness about treatment options and fostering sober living opportunities for those in need. Through this walk and the non-profit, we can be of maximum usefulness and help as many Alcoholics and Addicts as possible. In the short period we have been established, we have already been able to do so by inspiring many, specifically getting a handful of people the treatment they deserve. I can’t thank everyone enough because, just like recovery, none of this can be done alone. Please continue to support, and share our story. Godspeed! 🙏🏻❤️ 

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