Guest-post Eric Bolton

The song I’d love to share just came out this past Friday, and it’s called ‘The Home Light’. It’s my second solo original song, and it’s all about coming back to that inner light and learning to be guided by what’s authentical, real, and right for you.  


And here’s a link to listen to it on streaming platforms:

Finally, here’s a little bit more about me and my story…

Canadian performing songwriter, Eric Bolton, has just released his second solo track, ‘The Home Light’. Eric has been more known in the past as the frontman of rock band Shy Harry, however over this last year, he’s had huge personal growth, including coming out as gay, and it has all together inspired a whole new catalogue of music that is a bit more sentimental and is a personal celebration for Eric.

 Eric grew up in a very conservative Christian world – he was even a preacher – and in that world, he was taught to diminish himself, hide, and deny himself. He’s now on a journey of celebration instead of shame and is bringing songs about new beginnings, songs about discovery and authenticity, and songs about building a new world founded on love, honesty, and freedom. Eric’s upbeat debut rock single, ‘Genesis (Let There Be Love)’, was the start of this new chapter, and there is a whole album on the way in early 2022. Eric’s hope is his music can inspire others to breathe and to celebrate their lives in their truest forms. Let there be love.


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