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Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclette – Melolo Aromatomat

CLOSET DISCO QUEEN & THE FLYING RACLETTES is an extended version of the instrumental duo Closet Disco Queen, consisting of Luc Hess and Jona Nido. Both musicians are established in the Swiss scene through their band COILGUNS and as backing musicians for singer-songwriter LOUIS JUCKER. The Flying Raclettes are Kevin Galland (who also plays with Coilguns and is an established live and studio sound engineer), and Chadi Messmer, a bassist graduate of the Lucerne Jazz School who plays with numerous projects such as Jacob Hannes, Tanche, Beurre.

 The album OMELETTE DU FROMAGE by the four guys was released at the beginning of September. 

Today there is another single for you!

Here is what the band has to say about the song and the video:

I’m not sure this is any good promotion for this song (nor this band), but here’s the text we’ve received from Chadi (bass) after he finished shooting and editing the final version of the video:

« It’s about a winged dog on a missile who’s being chased by animals. After a while, the dog dies, but we don’t really know how. My guess is that it is due to stress or fear; what do you guys think? Then its dead mole body first gets chewed by flies before its mermaid soul rise up to the sky.

Helicopters are searching for its soul in the sky, but it is the lioness that eventually finds its body and decides to feast on it, leaving all other animals gutted. »

The writing of this track started with a drumbeat inspired by the song « Cotopaxi » from the band The Mars Volta. On top of the main groove, it also has some sort of a 90’s driving video game vibe to it. The mid-part of the song (the one with the Dolphins) is this contemplative piece featuring only guitars and loads of reverb. Though none of us is really into post-rock, on every ep or album we’ve released, you’ll find ONE of these « dolphin » moment. No idea why. » 

Here you can listen to the song