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Hi, I am Kelley Aspinall. I am 25years old & I am currently engaged & I have one child, a little boy who is 4. In September 2017, when my son was already six weeks old, I fell sick. I spent around four weeks in hospital before I was transferred to the ICU unit.

 I was placed into a medically induced coma, placed onto a ventilator & had over 1litre of fluid from my tummy & lungs & we were told that I had a 1in3 chance of surviving & was told to prepare for the worst. I spent around nine months in ICU, on a ventilator & with a tracheostomy. After I had a stent put in, I started to recover, where I then had my tracheostomy removed & I could breathe again on my own for the first time in almost 10months. After months of intense physiotherapy, learning how to walk again & do typical day to day things, I was finally fit enough to get home to my son & Fiancé. 

This was very daunting for me as I hadn’t spent much time with my son, so I was scared he wouldn’t know me. Still, my amazing fiancé brought my son to the hospital every other day so he could lie with me & have that skin to skin contact, I can’t remember these because I was in & put of comas & on lots of medication, but I am forever grateful that they did this because the bond me & my son have now is fantastic!!

 All this, of course, had a significant impact on my mental health & which led to being diagnosed with PTSD, Depression & Severe Anxiety. I have undergone a year in clinical psychology & I was recently discharged because I was doing so well.

 All this has taught me that you never know what is around the corner & I will never take anything for granted again because it all can be taken from you in a blink of an eye! I am fortunate I am still here & I will be forever grateful & thankful for the amazing Drs, nurses & everyone else who stuck by me & didn’t give up on me! As I am still here, I would like to think that my story will help others because so many people deal with this daily & if I can help just one person to make sure they are listened to & get the correct help, then I will be forever happy! Trust your gut instinct because it is always right. 

If your body is telling you something is wrong, listen to it & don’t let anyone fob you off because that’s what happened to me & look what happened with me! Thank you for listening to my story & remember… Live every day like it is your last, don’t take anything for granted & always know it does get better! My DMS are always open if you need anyone to talk to or even to shout at❤

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