GuestPost – Will & Chace

The Story of “Some Crazy Left”

We wrote “Some Crazy Left” at the end of 2020 when everything was in such upheaval, and nobody knew what fresh mayhem was around the corner. COVID was virtually unstoppable, and the leaders and institutions we put our faith in had completely let us down. 

This song was our Dear John letter to 2020–letting go of what we couldn’t control and personifying the year so we could tell someone exactly how we felt. Emotionally, we wanted to create the “Now you’re exposed, and now I’m free” moment that rejected despair and embraced hope for the future. 

Is there still some crazy left? Absolutely. But we also have enough strength and hope to get through everything together. 

The Story of Will & Chace

A unique country duo drawing inspiration from current pop and classic rock, Will & Chace make broad-reaching, modern music for the new generation of country fans. Their genre-bending style embraces human nature, humor, and real-life experience, fusing the energy and melodic sense of pop acts like Maroon5 with the heart and candour of beloved country artists like Keith Urban. 

Will & Chace’s collaboration began in the studio when West Tennessee Christian pop songwriter Chace Skelton hired Indiana native and producer Will Jennings to develop a new sound for a solo project. “We were on the same page immediately, rewriting parts and trading influences.” Both were raised on country and classic rock, with a shared love for Shania Twain (and her husband Mutt Lange’s production and songwriting) and contemporary, pop-leaning rock groups like OneRepublic. 

Now writing and performing as a duo, Will & Chace focus on making songs that feel fun, building compelling music around a core melody or line. Their lyrics explore topics ranging from women and nostalgia to self-discovery and enjoying a good drink, blending subtle twang with a vibrant, pop spirit. “We make the country music we wish were out there already.” With Chace as lead singer and Will handling production and BGVs, the duo brings a new kind of country to Music City with the release of their debut single, “Some Crazy Left,” celebrating life and individuality for better or for worse. 

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“Some Crazy Left” Lyrics


Girl you took everything from me 

I was too close 

I couldn’t see 

But now I’ve lost all sympathy 

Now you’re exposed 

And now I’m free 

You were hot

You were cold

You stayed young 

While I grew old 

And it’s clear you never gave a damn about me


I been crying for ya long enough

I been lying for ya way too much 

Think you’re stronger but you ain’t that tough 

Took smooth sailing and you made it rough 

You took everything I thought was mine 

There ain’t nothing left to undermine

Every move you make is petty theft 

After all that there’s still some crazy left


Now you can’t tell me where to go

Or what to do

You’ve lost control 

You even tried to take my truck

With no facade 

You’re out of luck

I’ve been wronged 

When I was right 

But you thought 

I wouldn’t fight 

Tried to hide me from the truth but now I see

Music and Lyrics by Will Jennings and Chace Skelton