GuestPost – Palkomuski

Actually, it was supposed to be a love song of a father to his daughter – lyrical and loving. In the end, it turned out to be a protest song. True to Palko!Muski’s maxim, no subject is sent into the cosmos and onto the dance floor without energy. Dancing is an act of resistance!

But what does a band do that can’t live up to its notorious live performance on stage?

So it happens that a planned lullaby mutates into a hard-hitting dance track. So freedom of movement and breaking away from entrenched structures are in demand for a coming generation.

Is called for. The clip for the single, created by Marino Beleffi, is beautiful to see: a young girl who wants to break through the toxic, masculine matrix by dancing is seen as a metaphor for such an urgent, new self-evidence!

“Scare Them,” scare them, those who suppress freedoms! Show them that a new era has dawned. Try again and again, even if you fail. 50 years after the sexual revolution, it is high time to finally unlearn foreign regulations and inequality of opportunity; because loosely based on Adorno: “There is no right life (anymore) in the wrong one.”

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