Falling In Love “It Was All Lies”


Some things you just can’t make up in life, but this is how my story went. We started chatted online for weeks before we met up and speaking on the phone and FaceTime. He told me he was divorced with children, and they lived in another place, and he would have them every other weekend.

He would send me pictures of their outings when we weren’t together and where he lived, and I also had his address; there was nothing ever hidden from me, or so I thought.

We then met and hit it off straight away; there was physical attraction as well as mental connection; we used to speak at least twenty times a day in between work and staying up late in the evening, he would also travel up to stay with me twice a week depending on work.

He met my children and my family,  friends, and everyone loved him, he never did anything in front of me to suspect him of anything, and I trusted him. He didn’t hide my pictures of him and me on any social media accounts, and everyone knew we were together.

A year after being together, I moved across the country with my children as he found us the perfect house to live in, and we were going to start our new lives together. He arranged it all; he never asked me for anything financially and had sorted it all.

Well, my life was about to turn into a crumbling mess; the first week down there, he vanished and said he had urgent business to attend to, leaving me to sort out the house by myself. I wasn’t happy, but I understood he was the CEO of a big company and had to work.

Then he returned and only stayed two nights, I questioned this, and he made some excuses up about still packing up etc., and he is moving in soon; at this point, I was like wtf is going on and panicking as I had just got my children into a new school and drove them across the country.

I then got to meet people, and a woman asks me how I know my boyfriend, and she tells me he is married with five children, I didn’t believe her and told her who I was, and she said, get digging and that’s what I did.

My world fell apart, and the woman was correct, but it gets worse; he had a woman in every city, had two Facebook accounts, two of every social media accounts, lied about where he was actually from and everything.

He was not divorced and had done this multiple times to his wife…. Everything was lies; of course, she blamed me, and he told her he felt sorry for me (silly me, that’s why his dick fell out of his pants over a thousand times). I cut off all contact that day and packed up the house. I travelled back to find somewhere to live again with my children.

I had to stay strong for my children and not let them see my crumble even though I was falling apart; how could I have been so stupid and gullibly, and why didn’t I see any signs or get any gut feelings.

The way he looked at me gave me butterflies, and he was always saying he loved me, and we just clicked; there was never any rows or second-guessing during the relationship; how can someone be on the phone that much to someone and have so many secret lives.

He knew I had come out of a crappy marriage and took advantage and my naïveté; he played the game so well, he is probably doing it still now to some other unsuspecting woman out there. I strongly believe in karma; one day, it will catch up with him and bite him on the balls.

Sadly, many men and women do target and manipulate someone when a person is in a vulnerable state. At the time, I questioned it for many years, but now I have realized I had a fortunate escape and only 12 months of my life wasted and not years or worse caught something. I had my heart broken and trust on every level, but I have got over it in time, and life goes on.


Anonymous Birmingham