GuestPost – Janelle Arthur 

Nashville, TN (April 22, 2021) From an early inspiration to portraying her as a child in the production Paradise Road to releasing their new duet, Janelle Arthur’s bond with her childhood hero has come full circle.


“Hand Me Downs” is a nostalgic anthem written and co-produced by Arthur, featuring the one and only Dolly Parton. The lyrics are timeless and illuminate what really matters; family inherited traits, heirlooms, and pride in our heritage. 

Vocals soar in this tribute to the gift of the family legacy. Their common East Tennessee roots are unmistakable in their vocal blend and honest delivery. 

Janelle states, “This song is so special to me for many reasons. Not only am I singing with one of my greatest musical heroes, but the sound of my mother’s heartbeat is heard throughout the song. I really wanted to arrange a choir section, so I brought in a few close friends and family members to sing. Having them included gives it an even deeper meaning as well.” 

When Janelle was on American Idol, the Hall of Famer reached out to her to show her support. It was after that, on a whim, Janelle decided to reach out to a long-time friend from Paradise Road, Steve Summers (who happens to work with the superstar), and asked him to play “Hand Me Downs” for her. She was so moved by the song that her response was, “have her tell me what she wants me to do,” and later in a letter to Janelle, she stated, “I’d be honored to sing on ‘Hand Me Downs.’ Us East Tennessee girls gotta stick together.” 

With producer Jen Stegall and co-writer with Emily Lynch, “Hand Me Downs” delivers through its heartfelt message and unforgettable melody a poignant reminder; “from the inside out we’re covered in hand me downs.”

Photo by Jordan Hunter

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