GuestPost -OGMH

The band from Eastern Switzerland release the first single from their upcoming EP.

Since the release of their last record, “Void,” and the subsequent global handbrake, OGMH found some time to follow up on their last release. For this, they look deeper into the abyss. The result is the new single “You Are” – the prologue to the new EP “Die or Die.”

No, nobody waited for you and your art. Nobody was waiting for OGMH. “You Are” describes the memory of the wet revolutionary dreams of youth fading into the insomnia of the 30s. Adonis complexes shatter against the reality of hair loss. Hunter S. Thompson, James Dean, and Joy Division are history, James Bond blond. Yet, a good portion of cynicism cannot be omitted while the emblematic finger is pointed at artistic decay.


With the loss of faith in progress, regressions are no longer difficult. Characterized by synthesizers that create a musical downward spiral as the song progresses, which is finally redeemed by a hook, the new single is reminiscent of the time of Depeche Mode and The Cure, but without being able to detach themselves from the zeitgeist completely, OGMH move somewhere between post-punk and neo-goth. From 6 August, “You Are” can be heard worldwide on all platforms and paves the first section of the way to the new EP “Die or Die,” which will be released this autumn.

OGMH describes themselves as a nihilist, a Christian, a communist, and a goldsmith who have found each other musically. By name, the quartet members are Beat Schenk, Alex Nauva, Sascha Schwegler and Ruben Gasser.


Linked by coincidence to the “Ocean Grove Memorial Home” in New Jersey, OGMH has been on a journey into the musical abyss since 2016. Starting with garage rock, the four bands from eastern Switzerland have arrived at a dreamy, melodic and energetic, synth-heavy station of post-punk and goth. Always staying true to their DIY character, they celebrate their new hold after the two records “OGMH” and “Void” with a new EP to be released this autumn.

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