GuestPost – Adrian


Since the age of 8, ADRIAN is constantly diving deeper into the world of music. Gigs and shows, evenings in the middle of nowhere with nothing more than his guitar and a flickering campfire.

 His music based on experiences and feelings is now finally finding its way to listeners around the world. It’s not a story meant to last forever and not a tune that catches everyone but an honest emotion meant to be felt right now. Here is the first single of this 19-year old guy.

The song “Not Meant to Be” expresses a very intense feeling of realization after a long, tiring relationship had to end. The traditional image of a tragic brake-up story covers the painful self-reflection that the lyrical I has to face while replaying and processing all the pain afterward. 

The unconventional length and slowness of the song are representative of an addictive, unhealthy relationship that came to a sudden end without both sides being able to utter their last words. The song was written as a final closure after a year has passed by and circumstances had changed. A success-less relationship can leave a bitter aftertaste for a long time but also lessons for life.