Closet Disco Queen & The Flying Raclette – Flugantaj Raketoj

CLOSET DISCO QUEEN & THE FLYING RACLETTES is an extended version of the instrumental duo Closet Disco Queen, consisting of Luc Hess and Jona Nido. Both musicians are established in the Swiss scene through their band COILGUNS and as backing musicians for singer-songwriter LOUIS JUCKER.


 Jona Nido is also the founder of the La Chaux-de-Fonds-based record label HUMMUS RECORDS (Emilie Zoé, Peter Kernel, Ester Poly, Coilguns, Stéphane Blok, Rorcal, Dirty Sound Magnet, etc.), through which all the music of Closet Disco Queen has been and is released.


The Flying Raclettes are Kevin Galland (who also plays with Coilguns and is an established live and studio sound engineer), and Chadi Messmer, a bassist graduate of the Lucerne Jazz School who plays with numerous projects such as Jacob Hannes, Tanche, Beurre.


Now the album OMELETTE DU FROMAGE by the four boys will be released at the beginning of September. 

Today, “Flugantaj Raketoj,” a new single from the album, is released:

Here you can still play the game around the band, racelette cheese, onions, and pickles