Guestpost- Walter Capo

You are tuned in to Walter Capo…

Born June 29th, 1993, in Springfield, MA, Walt was 17 when he graduated from Mill Pond High School, and, like many kids today, he was born into a family where music was always around him.

Capo started rapping in his home recording studio when he was fourteen, and he carried his love of rapping and music into his high school music class. But, following other legendary rappers’ footsteps, Capo was eventually
arrested on drug charges and spent six months in jail. This is where his true rap style emerged and became the driving force of his young life.

One of seven children raised by a single mom, Capo’s inspiration is often a fallen best friend who was like an older brother to him and who he talks about in many of his songs, including Chase A Bag.

He feels that the loved ones he has lost push him to be stronger and chase his dreams, and he always tells people.

” I’ m not a rapper; I’m an artist who wants to tell his life story to the world as he goes along. ”


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