GuestPost – San Quentin



The band started in October 2019 due to the link between Liam and Owen being cousins. They originally only formed as a four-piece, including Luke and Nick as well.

 In May 2020, Dan joined the band and became a five-piece, Owen as Singer/Frontman, Liam rhythm guitarist/songwriter, Dan lead guitarist, Luke on drums, and Nick on Bass. We have spent most of the time writing music as we have been stung by the fact covid has kept everything closed for so long. We look forward to the future now to start bringing some new energy back into the rock scene.

The song Laughs on You, written by Liam, came together very quickly; from the first moment we played it, we could tell it was our best song, very upbeat and catchy we knew we have to make it our debut single.

 The single describes a night out in which one person desires another person regardless of the current lover; this is a requiring theme in our part of town and something we see all the time, so it is the first-hand experience in that aspect. 

Here is the song Spotify link


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