Guestpost – Leslie Dee


British Armed Forces Radio & Veteran Transport

Mental Health Awareness

Struggling on the dark side of life with self-harming and things, I try hard to get a drop zone for disabled veterans to have safety, a bite to eat, a chat, etc. I take them to hospital appointments and collect their medications.

I take them to all armed forces events for free, and I am trying to raise funds to get a building and trying to build up listeners on our radio station. I am struggling with my demons and trying to carry on the best I can.

A former wheelchair-bound para never turns their backs on their kind. I am trying to build up a community and a safe place; we are all in this together. I want to spread the message to my brothers and sisters in arm forces because it’s my dream to get this building built and get the radio station out there and teach their veterans how to do DJ.

My beautiful wife is also disabled and is my rock. Together we want to make this happen for a better future and a safe place for all veterans to go. To listen to our radio station, go to Listen2MyRadio

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