Guest Post – Igloo Hearts


Igloo Hearts are made up of James and Katie MacGregor from a small market town in North Wales.
Their music incorporates haunting harmonies and flowing piano, and rhythmic guitar and has been compared to artists such as Fleetwood Mac, First Aid Kit, and Fleet Foxes.

They met at an open mic night over ten years ago but never had the confidence to pursue music together, thinking that there were so many others out there doing it better than they ever could. So, they carried on with their engineering and accountancy day jobs and put music to the back of their minds.

Until they were asked to play at Katie’s boss’ wedding recently and were blown away by the response! Nothing puts fire in your belly more than a bit of praise!
From that moment, they haven’t looked back and have worked endlessly throughout lockdown to write, produce, and promote lots of new music.

They were asked to be part of the ‘Out of Virtual Focus Wales’ conference and had some amazing feedback from music industry experts. Julie Weir (Label head at Music for Nations – Sony Music) said their voices together gave her goosebumps.

Katie “I came back to study later in life, achieving a qualification that I thought was way out of my grasp. Having failed one big exam, to pass it then, made me cherish the feeling of success even more. This has given me the self-belief that was needed to move forward with music.

I truly believe that with hard work, determination, and pure grit, there is nothing in life that is unattainable. If you don’t believe you can do it, no one else will either – so go at everything in life with full force and reap the rewards. 😉”
James, “This past year of Igloo Hearts has been the hardest, yet the most rewarding time of our lives. To create music that we are proud of and that others appreciate is a very special feeling. And to have this adventure alongside your wife is amazing! We still have words about whose turn it is to put the bins out (usually mine, ha!), but we can also join forces with our different musical strengths, and that is just awesome.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever had is that’ Nobody Cares! So, if you have that in your mind, then the possibility of things going a bit pear-shaped won’t matter as much, and you can be a little bit braver.”

Igloo Hearts’ debut single ‘Without you’ was featured on Adam Walton’s BBC introducing show. They have recently released their second track, ‘This Love’ which is available on most listening platforms.