There it is again, the unmistakable Palko! Muski style, right from the first second of the song! Off-beat, accordion riff and fat bass: Pammm!

“…When the varnish starts to crumble, I have to cross my vanity.

 I abandon all my obsessions only that fact makes me free…” is the first line of the lyrics. Is someone having trouble with getting older?

Sounds like a classical motif à la Dante Alighieri’s “Divina Commedia” or Göthe’s Faust fear of transience. Of transience. However, Palko! Muski neither sells souls nor deals with great lamentations about the phenomenon of maturing! Instead, a stimulus for spiritual and physical mobility is presented without compromise.

As fast and driving as the song progresses, as quickly it is over again. A truly sweet Memento Mori that intuitively encourages you to press the repeat button.

No choice: listen to the song and dance!

Here you can listen to the song: