A Second Chance Of Life  

GuestPost – Luke McCarthy

Days after my 21st, I was sentenced to eight years in prison,12 years initially reduced by a third for an early guilty plea. I was charged for GBH with intent (section 18 ); it was my first offence and undoubtedly the biggest mistake of my entire life.

There are many factors involving my sentence & the circumstances that lead up to it, which I speak about in some of my songs. The prison was the end of the road for me. I lost everything and everyone close to me, so I isolated myself further chased the rabbit down the hole, so to speak.

Then I was passed a lifeline ( a guitar) suddenly everything painful was worth writing about, people in similar positions began to listen, other inmates became more open to talk about things which spurred me on further because the differences no longer seemed applicable we were all men that had made mistakes, and we all shared the same pain.

I got released in January 2021. My focus now is shining a spotlight on mental health, not just for ex-cons but for anyone and everyone, and making a difference in the welfare of these kids for the future generation.