GuestPost – Mystery Fire

Mystery Fire is me, Graeme Stanton and Al Croft, based in Lincolnshire. We began about eight months before the first lockdown, just as we were getting into our stride…

We are both old blokes now; I’m 48; I’d more or less stopped playing when I was in my late twenties after doing the acoustic circuit around the UK and being in various bands etc. I stopped enjoying it, so I stopped playing. 

I was introduced to Al Croft via an old friend, and we immediately connected and started playing songs together, which had essentially given both of us a new lease of life. I decided I would only write positive, upbeat tunes for Mystery Fire, and so far, that’s what we’ve done. 

 I record solo material as well, which is more introspective, but I wanted mystery fire not to try and be too cool for school and make happy pop tunes. We’re back recording every week in Al Crofts summerhouse, and we love it.


Miss. positive