GuestPost Ann Marie Wright

May 2019, a spot appeared, thinking it was a normal spot. I applied cream expecting it to go, June came & the spot progressed into the coming months. In August, it then got an Indentation & had a rather large border, in September it becomes redder & spider veins appeared, I then thought this isn’t normal, in November I went to get it checked to be told I had skin cancer.

My world shattered that very moment, waiting at home daily for a letter crying day in day out. I finally got a letter with my operation date, which was in January, the operation went well, but they had to remove more than they expected.

I had weeks of worry leading to my March results, the date came & I went to see my consultant, who told me my skin cancer was bcc which was caused by UV light, but the good news is it hasn’t spread & it was all removed successfully.

When I saw my face once the padding came off, I cried; it didn’t look like me; I felt heartbroken, but now in June 2021 & I feel marvellous. My scar is fantastic & I can barely see it; the healing has been excellent…

If I can do one thing in this world, it is to make people aware & to say please use factor 50 on your skin, always protect your skin it is crucial I did not believe at the age of 27 I would have been diagnosed with skin cancer I am fortunate… if you have any spots, lumps or bumps you are unsure about, do not hesitate, please go & get them checked

All my love to you all

Skin cancer survivor


Miss. positive