#MeToo Sexual Harassment

GuestPost – Anonymous

I was only about eighteen years of age, just left college and applied for an administration job for a very well known retail company. The manager was just creepy from the start making comments about me, saying he wanted to Give me babies and other degrading comments.

When I was on the computer, he would lean right over me from behind the chair and put his arms on both sides of me, so I was caged in; this was apparently to help me with computer work. It took me months of his behaviour before I spoke up.

At the end of each day, the money had to be taken to the bank, and I had to accompany him in his car to the bank; I would cringe all the way and think to myself, why am I in this position and am I going to lose my job.

I even got two other people to write out statements to help me back up what was going on as they had witnessed this manager’s behaviour towards me. The crude comments and the close contact was making me a nervous wreck.

I was then told that I was to wear skirts to work every day instead of trousers, which was the last straw. I made a phone call to the previous administration girl as she had moved positions and used to do my job; she said he also acted like that towards her and to report him.

I made a phone call to head office and spoke confidently to someone higher; they arranged the next day for a meeting. The area manager turned up for the meeting, and I went over all that had happened with him.

He asked me did I have any other copy of the witnesses statements, and I said no; in hindsight, I wished I had copies. I was then told I was moving branches. I had to rely on a lift as it was in the next town from where I was living.

I was so on edge as the area manager couldn’t give a crap, and straight away, I could see they were protecting the manager and not me. The two other people who gave the witness statements were then threatened with their jobs, so they backed out from further help.

I was moved to a branch, and then all of a sudden, they said I wasn’t up to job standards; I started looking for another job straight away as I knew I couldn’t stay there, and also they made it difficult for me to get to the job as I didn’t drive and it was so far out the way.

I see the #MeTooMovement on Twitter and just wanted to share my story; I think it’s so brave of those who have shared their stories so far. We need to keep speaking out against sexual harassment.

Stay strong, and don’t be silenced…..