GuestPost – Phoam

Phoam is reluctance and outburst, buildup and severance. Calculated tracks connected to the everlasting battle of inner emotions. Uncompromising tensions on the edge of conflict.

Basel based band Phoam is releasing their debut music video for “Cold Blood”, directly at the pulse of time. Working together with the director Brigitte Fässler they came up with a concept video telling a story about human error and loneliness.
Despite many obstacles, they managed to shoot the video in late summer 2020. The film talks about physical pressure and painful remorse.

All these feelings are packed in staggering pictures showing the fight against inner demons. A story that is performed by the protagonist and singer of Phoam, Richard. Two personalities who are living in the same body.
With “Cold Blood”, Phoam covers the listeners in a veil of mist of sensations. Synthetic sounds, brutalist architecture, atmospheric and complex, focused energy and overpowered emotions. This is Phoam.

Phoam appears new in the scene. On the other hand, they can look back on their experience of 9 years as the Pop-Band YAYA and even before as the Band Scarves but no Shoes. What started as a trio in 2011 now became an established Pop Formation based in Basel. One Albumproduction, two Ep-Releases, three music video productions and over 300 Gigs.

These include playing at Open Air Basel, Chollerhalle Zug, Jugendkulturfestival 2019, BScene Clubfestival 2017, Support Act for Manfred Mann`s Earth Band at Z7 Pratteln, Leimentaler Openair 2019 and Support for Her at Mascotte Zürich showing just a few insights of the bands work and potential. Talking about their genre the Band likes to describe their music as “Cold Pop”: Energetically and versatile, at times gloomy but always exciting.



Here you can listen to the song:

And here, watch the great video. I know every pr person says this, but I haven’t seen a video in a while which gives me chills like this.