ESTER POLY with “Respect My Speck.”

On 20 August 2021, the second album, “WET” by the busy duo Ester Poly – consisting of Martina Berther (electric bass, VOC, Zurich) and Béatrice Graf (drums, VOC, Geneva) – will be released on the Swiss label Hummus Records. On their new album, the two musicians expand the possibilities of the bass drums tandem.

 Rock, peppered with a pinch of unexpected sounds and their influences from improvised music, result in a musical manifesto, carried by lyrics in German, English and French. 

Today the second single from the album is released: “Respect My Speck”.

In it, the band asks what is the place in our society for those who are not white athletic 35-year-old men?

Respect my Speck, respect my gender, respect my age, respect my colours – Don’t follow the mainstream