Guestpost – The Remnants

Mark and Alex have been working together on and off since 2006 where they were two of the founding members of the punk rock band, The NASCAR lines—playing several gigs around the United Kingdom. Then Mark took a break from performing due to ill mental health, but the band continued. To great acclaim and success. They were playing several high octane gigs.

 After years of just jamming on and off, Mark and Alex finally got together in October 2019 and became The Remnants, an acoustic duo from Slough Berkshire, United Kingdom. They recorded several demos, including hit single. You make me smile and sent them to the owner of Heavy Traffic Music. 

Four short weeks later, they were signed. After their first photoshoot, it all clicked. Then the UK got the news about covid19, and all came to a stop. However, mark and Alex didn’t rest on their journey; as soon as restrictions eased in the summer of 2020, they recorded their debut album All that remains.

 They have an EP, You make me smile, and album All that remains, released through Heavy traffic music. 

Due to covid19, they only managed to play a handful of gigs. Now restrictions are easing. They have gigs lined up all summer of 2021.

Now our contract is over; we are doing it for ourselves for the moment. Rehearsal as much as possible and sending demo’s we record to new record labels.

Mark has lived with bipolar and psychosis for twenty years. Music does soothe the soul. The psychosis can be a problem sometimes, says Mark, but music helps. Weather Playing, writing or just listening. It helps.

Our music can be found on Bandcamp at