Guestpost – JasonJonesband

My great grandmother knew how much I loved the old German piano she had at home, with the chipped ivory and broken keys. I fell in love with the tone and sounds that would come out of this giant wooden piece of furniture. So my playing started as banging on the keyboard and, of course, the occasional round of Chopsticks!

 After years of formal lessons, I began writing instrumental piano pieces and performing them at dinner shows at the local church. 

My dad also had an old department store with the acoustic guitar in the house. I would pick it up and try to learn chords from the old music books he had. As I got into my teens, most of the music I listened to was guitar-driven, and I wanted to feel that energy!

 I started writing and recording music into a four-track recorder I had saved to buy with money from my part-time job at sixteen. It’s been a passion ever since! 

I first started playing professionally in the River City music scene of Richmond, VA, in the late 2000s. After a few years of bouncing around with different acts, I connected with producer Matt Singleton in 2014. 

We set up camp at his studio in an old barn in the countryside of Charlottesville, VA, to work on a live acoustic folk-rock project titled “Bricks & Boards”. It’s a partnership that has grown to this day and resulted in my first full-length solo release, “All These Years”- released in September of 2019 on Matt’s label, SMTM Records. We also released three singles in 2020 and have put out two more this year, with more on the way!

I love creating and telling stories through my music, and these songs tell a very personal story that has been forged through the last several years of my life. Jobs won and lost, significant moves, the birth of my daughter, personal revelations, family triumphs and tragedies, and a stripping down of what is and what is not meaningful in my life are all encapsulated in the stories we tell. 

One day in 2019, I came home from the recording studio and told my wife, “when someone asks me the question- What do you do for a living?- I’m going to tell them I’m a musician”. It was a profound moment for me as I had never put my music career above my other work or even considered that as an answer! 


Starting from the age of 14, I have worked as a grocery bagger, butcher, warehouse worker, wire cutter, baker, mail clerk, ice cream truck driver, photographer, and restaurant server. So now I can say my name is Jason, and I am a musician.