Guest- post-Dexter Francis Mason

After he recently released his debut single, J1, he is back with his new song, Lover. J1 has been placed on Spotify and Amazon Music playlists, featured on RadioEins and NDR and has already been streamed over 110,000 times.
Lover deals with the fantasy of being with someone without being clear about whether you even want that. The song is set in New York City and begins where the relationship ends, at the beginning.

All the songs on the forthcoming album (I Am Sorry You Feel This Way, 28 May) revolve around personal stories and reflect feelings of isolation, disillusionment and a lingering state of nostalgia.

Since most of the writing, recording and production happened at night, for me, the music is defined as much by the process of its creation as by the songwriting itself. The sound is similar to Chet Baker, The Beatles, Radiohead or Frank Ocean.


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