Guest -Post-SOUKOU

The word SOUKOU comes from a language called Ewe and means eagle. The singer and songwriter Ena is not only called SOUKOU with her last name, but she is just starting to fly.

At this point, we don’t even want to start writing the catchy gobbledygook poems about artists, because as we all know, that’s pretty boring.

As life goes, SOUKOU sat down after a long relationship and a correspondingly dramatic, very tearful break-up and thought about what she actually wants and who she is when no one applauds.

This led to the change of name from the alter ego ENA WILD to the real name SOUKOU and many songs that tell the story of the life of a woman in her early 30s who is coming to terms with herself all over again. Do I actually want children? Do I even want a partnership? Who am I when I’m alone? And who am I fighting for here?

SOUKOU’s new single “Too Much” (release date: 07.05.2021) is a song for all those who have lost their way in the big city dating jungle in their search for the supposedly true love, who no longer see the prince in all the Tinder and Bumble profiles, or perhaps don’t want to find him at all. A song that tells of the overstressing of the narrative dating arc and the disillusionment of security through the constant left-right swirl. About a voice that wishes for a Disney film but doesn’t want to roam the neighbourhood forever in pursuit of it. A song about how a woman’s worth is not measured by whether she wears a ring on her finger. She just had enough, and it’s too much.

After releasing her synth-pop anthem “Lucky to be alive” at the beginning of the year, SOUKOU follows it up with “Too Much”. Again, she stays close to her life and her heart with her new song – of course with wit, charm and lots of glitter.


Miss. positive