From the stage to the street!

Over the lockdown, I pivoted my business, Anna Reay singer, to Anagrams. This not only found me a place as a finalist in the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, but I have also just released a charity single through doing my Annagrams too. 

When the pandemic hit, it was literally like someone picked up my diary and tipped it upside down – all the gigs just fell out! Weddings, parties, events, cruises all cancelled. However, part of the Anagrams business is surprising doorstep performances, and I didn’t for one minute realise the impact these shows would have on people and myself! From hotel guests in quarantine, performing to patients behind windows of care homes socially distanced funerals in streets and car park’s vulnerable couples in self-isolation and the terminally ill. 

I have seen first-hand how much music can lift moods and create an incredible moment for people during this awful time. I don’t think I have done one performance yet where there haven’t been tears!

Last week I performed for a gorgeous lady called Julie, and it must be the most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever done. I had a call from a school friend who works closely with the charity who told me her story with only weeks to live; they wanted to book her a pleasant surprise. Some of her favourite songs on the doorstep. (It looks like I might be recording another charity single in a campaign to raise awareness for Melanoma) Here is a 1-minute clip of her story This is heartbreaking – Melanoma (Pt1) – YouTube