Guest -Post Max Avery

I’m Max Avery from Portsmouth, England. My music story starts 11 years ago at a local festival, Wickham Festival. A few friends and I were watching local acts on a stage at a festival.

I had never sung, couldn’t play an instrument, and had never written a song. I took it upon myself to learn the guitar and wrote enough songs to get a set together.

To cut a long story short, we worked our way up the stages and got booked to the main stage 3 years in a row. I’ve always had a relentless drive for pursuing music and see how far I can take it.

This stems from being brought up in a musical family and seeing my favourite artists on stage from a young age to dream of one day playing those stages.

I’ve been lucky enough to play some great shows and meet some incredible people along the way. This new solo venture was started at the beginning of the pandemic.

I’ve released three singles so far, and my new single, ‘Where sunrays find a home,’ is out on May 14th. I’ve worked on a more electronic vibe on this whilst trying to keep my acoustic roots. Eleven years later on this journey, and here I am.