Guest – Post Jupiter Grey

April 16th sees alternative R&B artist Jupiter Grey return with his first release of the year, “Stay With Me” – the second single off his forthcoming debut LP, Fires On The Moon.

Jupiter Grey is an emerging London-based singer whose journey in music began at the age of five while singing in church. His sound draws inspiration from a range of sonic influences, from the vibrant synths of the eighties to nineties hip-hop to modern-day artists such as Tame Impala and Blood Orange.

Another example of his multi-faceted artistry, “Stay With Me”, is a perfect inclusion to the landscape of his ever-growing discography. Featuring an immersive blend of indie-rock and R&B melodies, the track’s emotional energy of the instrumentation is contrasted by a layer of an airy synth guitar that runs throughout, as well as Jupiter’s equally atmospheric vocals that touch on the personal complex emotions of the singer.

“The song is about ending a relationship but your very much still emotionally attached to that person, so you ask for one last moment together”, explains Jupiter. “This song is autobiographical; I wrote it as some form of therapy which helped me release my frustration. I hope it can do the same for others who have gone through a similar situation”.