Guest – Post Shem Thomas

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

A mood of departure and a time to concentrate on the essentials, despite (or because of) difficult circumstances. «MIRACLE» is a statement and an attempt to express what is hidden within us: the wonder of the miracle of life.

In «MIRACLE», Shem Thomas sings about the beauty and diversity of life. He tells of the little wonders that are right in front of us; the sparkle of a lake, the smell of the forest in the early morning, being together with friends, feeling understood, walking, writing, laughing. All the simple, self-evident things change into miracles when we manage to put our preconceived notions aside and bring out the unspoiled sight of our inner child.

In «MIRACLE», not only Shem’s vocals but also his lust for production – which has ignited over the last three years – is remarkable. The more you listen to the song, the more you appreciate his great attention to detail. He manages to combine strong songwriting with contemporary sounds. For this very reason, «MIRACLE» can be seen as the trademark song of his upcoming album «8». Shem’s voice is cloaked in a modern sound here, yet, as with all his songs, it remains the organic thread that guides us.
With his number one hit «Crossroads», gold status, three airplay hits and over eight million streams on Spotify, Shem Thomas is one of the most successful Swiss singer-songwriters of recent years. «MIRACLE» is the third single from his upcoming album «8» and follows on from the radio successes of «DO IT» and «OLD FERRY ROAD». It’s a touching song full of personality set to a backdrop of polished urban pop.

Here you can listen to the song