Guest – Post

Chennai, India. This is the region from where we found this Self-taught Artist Mr Selvakannan Rathinam.

This Pandemic has changed the situations of many peoples life miserably. But the same Pandemic has changed this Artist’s life dramatically. Before this pandemic lockdown, he didn’t even know that he could do Artworks. This Artist started painting accidentally in December 2019, just before pandemic lockdown. He even brought his first-ever painting brush at this period only.

Post which, universal lockdown came into the act because of the pandemic situation. This period of stressful state at home triggered his interest in painting. At the initial stage, he started drawing simple paintings. But after that, he wanted to challenge himself to try something unique and started to paint all kind of styles. After seeing his paintings, we definitely couldn’t able to categorize him with one particular type. Each of his paintings is differently.

So far, he has done Landscapes, Portraits, & Modern Arts too. One of his recent painting themed Smoking Awareness has become a huge hit and made him a globally recognized artist. He said this success had tempted him to draw more social awareness paintings.

He said, “Despite being an academically strong student, I couldn’t be able to complete my college degree because of some personal reasons. From that day, I’ve been struggling to achieve something in my life. I never wished to have an everyday businessman life.

I always wanted to get some recognition from this society. But I don’t know which is going to be my road. I’m an accidental artist. Now, I’m damn sure that I found my road, and I’m in the right direction.

He further added, “I came to know that I can do artworks at the age of 34 only. Being a strong believer in the term ‘Everything happens for a reason, maybe this is what I born to do. Now, I strongly believe that each and everyone is talented in some way. The only thing is you have to self realize & discover that inner talent and need to develop it. If I can, everyone can”

Now he is a successful artist. We believe that he’ll reach many heights. Who knows, maybe a legend in the making. Come follow me on Instagram and check out all my work.