Guest – Post


The singer and composer behind WHERE DID NORA GO, Astrid Nora, is back with one more single, ‘RETURNING’, which precedes the upcoming EP, whose songs have all been created during lockdown and which goes under the working title ‘Songs of Solace’.

‘RETURNING’ is about losing oneself about the longing for connection. AND – it is about returning to oneself. To find one’s way back home. And thereby also learning to take loving care of oneself.
The song’s last chorus promises never to leave oneself again – or at least to keep coming back! Again and again. Because in reality, we may never really lose ourselves.Fortunately.
But we can lose the feeling of being whole and connected.

“I have had several periods of my life where I experienced shutting down my system – losing touch.
In working with these songs and exploring the theme, it has become clear to me that I am far from the only one – many many people experience tendencies like this.
Either because they’re too busy satisfying and living up to some unwritten standards that we were brought up to live by, motherhood can be like this too, or subconsciously fleeing because it is too painful or just plain uncomfortable to stay in oneself. Many lose connection because they are not present in the NOW, present in the body and therefore do not sense themselves. We may even have become so accustomed to being out of touch, in our inflated rhythm of society, that we do not even notice that we have lost touch. Lost our strength and authenticity. Our center.
 I strongly needed to create that space for myself – especially after I became the mother of my two beloved girls – I needed a song about returning to myself. About coming home.”

The single is produced in close collaboration with Aske Bode, who has also worked with
Oh Land, Irah, Hymns From Nineveh, Penny Police, Tårn, Annika Aakjær. The new collaboration has brought a new lightness and a more open expression that plays beautifully into the newly composed song.