My name is Tobel  Lopes, and I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1978. My love for music started when I still was a toddler. My father used to take me to see the rehearsals of a local band of his friends, I was maybe three or four at the time, and the guys from the band let me “play” with all the instruments every single time we went to see and hear them, and I just fell in love with the whole musical environment!

A few years passed by, and a friend from school who sang in a church choir heard me sing on top of a song, don’t recall which one, and asked me if I wanted to go audition for a place in the choir since they were having auditions, I was eight by the time. I did the audition and got home, and just like that, I had stepped into the world of music.

I’ve toured the country many times and during many years with the choir, and that alone with all the rehearsals, four times a week, gave me a good vocal base to start my singing career. I sang there until I was 18.
At the age of 13, I gave my first Rock concert playing bass in a school friend band.
When I reached 15, I started my very own band called Slamo. That band lasted for more than 20 years. We played all the Portuguese major music festivals, radios and also did some touring in Spain with Anathema back in 2010.
As a singer, I’ve recorded six albums with six different bands and did a plethora of features as a guest singer for national and international bands.

After some touring, mainly in America and South America as session bass player for the British band Anathema from Liverpool, I got invited to become a full-time member, which I had no intention of accepting due to personal reasons.
I am a multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound engineer, videographer.
I have spent around 20 years working in sound design and music creation for all Portuguese TV channels in my sound design and sound engineering career.

After the pandemic hit us, the long-awaited desire of leaping into a solo project took a substantial hit on me, and I’ve decided to finally dedicate myself to my music and my video creation (I do record edit, the whole thing, both in my music as well as in all my videos).

Meanwhile, I have been invited by other bands, and there’s a very good chance I might end up working on an album this year with one of them, which is too good to decline, obviously maintaining the aim of getting my solo project always running ahead of everything this time.

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