GuestPost – Marcel Galos

Vaihingen Enz, Germany. This is where Marcel Galos resides, a thoroughbred musician thoroughly bred. His life dominated by music, on stage and behind the scenes. 


Marcel’s musical career started at the age of 6, studying classical violin. At 13, he got bitten by the ROCK’N’ROLL bug, starting with MG studying guitar in an autodidactic way. During his teenage years, Marcel Galos played in different regional rock and metal bands as well as a big band where he always sang and played the guitar. 


This versatile performer has since performed at numerous club shows, big concert halls, and international stages. All of those different musical styles, directions, and experiences of his early years make Marcel known as a wonderful human being and talented musician. 


After obtaining his college degree in music production and music management last year, Marcel now works as a songwriter, recording and mixing engineer, bandleader, and solo artist. Since 2020 is Marcel also the voice of many different Dance-Music DJs, live and as a studio singer. 


On stage, MG mesmerizes his audiences with his solo program. Armed with an authentic voice and beautiful acoustic guitar tone or his virtuosic electric guitar solos.“

My latest release up to last week has been my song „Lonesome Whiskey“:

Last Saturday a Ben Reichert and myself released a new single, an acoustic cover of Bon Jovi’s hit „Bed Of Roses“, you can check it out here:

(This is the auto-generated from YouTube, an official video is not out yet)

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