Guest – Post Bill Fabian


Boxing Life

I once found myself with nowhere to go in life, and mentally and physically felt so alone. I stumbled upon boxing! It’s totally changed my outlook on life! Once I started training and getting fit, I felt a positive force each time I visited the gym. Key benefits for boxing improves balance, helps posture, boosts entrance, enhances mood; being fit is important for good health.

The benefits of boxing are quite numerous and they all go along way in keeping your mind and your body as healthy as can be. You might be surprised at all the benefits boxing can do for you and your body.

In September 2020, I ran a marathon in aid of a homeless crisis charity. It was the single most amazing challenge I have ever completed! I raised £500 for that cause. In July 2021, I plan to walk the country’s length for the little princess trust, along with my charity boxing match. 

Boxing inspired me to be the man I am today. It taught me discipline, but most importantly, it taught me how to care for others! Being part of the team at Connelly’s gym taught me to care for those around me and help others.

It is all about progress and seeing a positive outcome. We have a saying in boxing” you never lose! You only learn” these words have helped me in all my fights. It’s easy to think negative it’s easy to let the anxiety take over.

The big accomplishment is waking up with a genuine smile and smashing your targets. This year I have many charity challenges planned, and so many people I want to help. 

My girlfriend Rhian is currently walking 100 miles in one month to raise money and awareness for the baby lifeline charity.

We are teamwork and share a passion for helping others, and it gives me a daily positive mindset. I want to urge others to find this mindset! “Help just one person out there and pass it on”.

Please follow my social media platforms and follow my journey to go to the Facebook group fight club for all details on future boxing events.

Seeing others progress both mentally and physically gives me that feeling of positivity that mindset can spread! It’s incredible what a particular mindset can do! 

I’ve dedicated my life to fundraising for charities close to my heart. The little princess trust is such an incredible cause which I hope to raise my £500 target. You will find the GoFundMe details on my social media accounts.

My future looks bright, thanks to a positive way of thinking! I’ll never go back to my pessimistic way of thinking! It’s only up from here! 

Please follow my social media platforms, follow my journey and help me make a difference ❤

Miss. positive