As far back as I can remember, I have been surrounded by things that went bump in the night. Most nights, I slept with the duvet over my head, scared. The house was built on orchards but was attached to other dwellings, just an ordinary street in a town.

The activity was all over the house, not just in one place. I have had things thrown at me when standing in the kitchen, which frightened the shit out of me. Family members have been pinned down on the bed and had their feet tickled.

It was the heavy breathing at night, which I hated, and I used to close my eyes and say my prayers repeatedly till eventually, I would fall asleep. Back in the days when people had armchair covers on the sofa, I would find this all lined up in a row on the stairs.

Sometimes I couldn’t handle being in the house on my own when other family members went shopping; I would sit outside the front of the house and wait for them to come back. I was a nervous wreck and had high anxiety from an early age.

You could always see something out the corner of your eye, and quite often, someone would walk past the back door; you would think someone was coming in, but then there would be nobody there. Things would go missing and then turn up.

The house eventually got knocked down and was rebuilt; before we left the house, my grandmother said goodbye and said, please leave the house; she said she saw a shadow pass over the loft hatch and felt like it had gone its way.

Anyway, the house has was rebuilt, and still, weird stuff happens to this day. I rarely go upstairs In the place, and I’m a grown woman, lol. There is a  chandelier in the lounge, and if you’re discussing spirits, then it will move.

If you put your phone down on the sofa on a few occasions, it just comes flying off the sofa.

Only the other week, something flew off the fridge and hit my uncle. See, there is a lot of our family in the spirit world, and I wonder now because their ashes are in the house of three of them that they all need to be laid to rest as its so much activity in one place.

Now I am a lot older and understand more about spirits, and I can walk in any house and feel good or bad, the hairs go up on my whole body. I often see blue lights so bright around people or just darting around my house; with me, it doesn’t matter where I’m living. They are always around.

I get warnings. Also, a picture flew off my wall the other month of my grandmother, and then I get a phone call to say she had a stroke, she has recovered now, bless her. Things get moved around, and I know if I get visitors, usually a Robin or a white butterfly will be around me.

I have always been susceptible and have empathy. I can feel other people’s pain and emotions, so I have to protect my energy, and I can’t be around anyone toxic or those that drain my energy, like energy vampires. It took me so long to get where I am and be at a peaceful stage of my life. As I got older, things got stronger, especially with gut warnings. I wished I followed these warnings years ago, as I made some terrible choices in relationships and friendships.

I use a lot of white sage to remove any negative energy from the house and have a few crosses planted around. I firmly believe what you give out is what you get back, so be a good human, and goodwill come back, but do things for others without wanting anything in return…. And that is the goodness you are putting out into the universe…

I was raised catholic and still have some beliefs, but also I’m very spiritual, so you can believe in whatever you want to believe in, and as long as you are happy, it doesn’t concern anyone else.

Stay Safe and always count your blessings.