Daniel Jones is a singer-songwriter from Guisborough in the NorthEast of England, He lived there from 1981 to 2007. He moved to France in 2007 for work and stayed, finally settling in Burgundy. 

2020 was a tough year for many and Daniel was forced out of his full-time employment in the Deluxe Tourism scene, creating a hole in his year that he was never used to. 

The beginning of the year started with music for Daniel. He sent a song he wrote to a Parisian music producer entitled Constellation Smile and He was selected to write, record, and collaborate on a new song for a single release; unfortunately, the pandemic stopped this project.

He used this time to write, record and produce his debut album. 

His first single was released on the 19th June, a song entitled “Take Your Time” written about the struggles his brother faced with his lifelong speech impediment, a song very dear to Daniel and his family, this was featured on Zetland Radio with Karl Bavin the same month of release. 

Daniel released his second single off the album in July, entitled Old Home Town, a song with a. Reflective dialogue of the town he grew up in, the song created a small buzz from his home town.

 It was picked up on by the BBC RADIO TEES who invited Daniel on air to interview about his life in France and his song and the lockdown.

Jerome Marcus the presenter of Hayes FM in London also picked up on the song and featured it on his new artist segment of his show, and has been featured several times since on his acoustic lounge,  He has been an enormous support.

 Daniels Album ‘For One Day” was released on the 15th September 2020 an eight-track album including his two previously released songs, all written performed and recorded by himself. 

Daniel was featured and interviewed in the NEvolume music magazine discussing his album and his life in France.

Projects for 2021 include – I’ve just recorded an eight-track acoustic Album with a wonderful friend and musician Julien Diot who plays the Double bass, Banjo and sings on the album. The album called ‘Place we call home’ will be released next month! 

On 1st February, I released a new single that I produced myself called June and Piccolo Pete, a dedication to my dear Grandparents.

Daniel added: it been a wonderful year of creativity, writing and recording, being contacted by wonderful people and having the chance to share my music all over the world with social media and music platforms. 

Any help with this project would be appreciated! 

Daniel Jones