Spiritual Author, Danny Rongo (aka ‘That Oneness Guy’) is a singer-songwriter, activist, playwright, and podcaster who has dedicated his life through music and words to the spread of a spirituality that he calls ‘Oneness’.

 As a direct disciple of self-help guru Dr Wayne Dyer, Danny has been nurturing this spirituality for more than forty years. 

 Along with his music that defines his message of Oneness, Danny is grateful to have also produced the musical, ‘The Phone Call’ A Musical to Inspire Oneness. 

He is also the author of the book, representing the culmination of all that he has learned and lived, “I Am God” (and so are you my friend) A Common Man’s Guide to Oneness. Danny also shares his message and music of Oneness as “That Oneness Guy” Podcast / Vlog and has now finished his latest book: “The WAYZ of Oneness” Helping to Navigate life (conceived under the blanket of a global pandemic)

Danny Rongo ‘That Oneness Guy’


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