Back Story for single – “Broke Musician”:

I wrote a new song to show my gratitude to a special someone for always being there and more. Last year was financially challenging to say the least, as most of my gigs, concerts, and tours got cancelled. I’m sure many musicians out there can relate to this… A real nightmare for most, I’m sure!

However, being a songwriter of my emotions, I had to share my deep thanks and love for the support that surrounds me. And that includes all of you watching! So, this one is called,
“Broke Musician” I hope you all enjoy it.

and best of luck everyone in 2021 and beyond x


Nick Barrett BIO:

NICK BARRETT Hailing from Sheffield – UK, Nick Barrett has been singing professionally since the age of 16 and writing and producing music since….

Influenced by some of the biggest names in R&B/Soul music such as Usher, Ed Sheeran, Joe Thomas, and Tank. He combines soulful melodies and harmonies into his contemporary songwriting expertise. Nick aims to bring back authentic music, melodies, and beats that make your head nod and that you can vibe to!

Nick Produces and Writes all his self-penned songs in his home studio. Nick has already achieved European chart success in 2000 with the band Face on Mars when ‘The Bug’ (written by US songwriter Kenny Young, who also co-wrote the hit pop song ‘Under The Boardwalk’) reached no. 1 in the Italian Dance charts and other surrounding European countries.

An accomplished live performer for 20 years, Nick has supported Daniel Beddingfield, West life, Girls Aloud, Peter Andre, and Mica Paris. In 2003 he performed in ‘Search for a Star’ at the Gateshead arena and in 2004 sang live to a crowd of 20,000 on the BBC1 televised Children in Need concert. He also starred in the T4 series ‘Musical’ where he collaborated with pop icon Jermaine Jackson in a live performance on Channel 4.

For 2021 and beyond, Nick aims to reach wider audiences worldwide and visit some incredible places where he plays acoustically and shares what he does best! Stay TUNED!


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