Artist -Guest Post Bertie Newman

Bertie is a Singer-Songwriter and Actor born-and-raised in Hackney, North East London. ‘Lost’ is his debut release.
Bertie has had recent success on TikTok where he’s seen his covers explode in popularity, gaining more than a million views in just a couple of months.

Bertie has been writing songs for a number of years and is excited to release this song, a heartfelt description of the emotions he felt as he was going through a breakup with a long-term partner.

I was played and interviewed on BBC Radio London by David and Carrie Grant ( both MBE’s) they quoted in the show

“You know when a song is good, that when you have played it, there’s just silence, a sort of reverence!’ “and people ask, where did that song come from ?? Carrie grant MBE and David Grant MBE.