Don’t we all know them? Those moments in life when we ask ourselves if we’re still on the right path. And those when we become painfully aware that we have lost our way.

On the second single «OLD FERRY ROAD» of his upcoming album «8», Shem Thomas sings touchingly about how he lost his anchor as a 24-year-old and how he wanted to find it again. His words and story cast a spell on the listener. You can feel the longing and urgency in his voice. «OLD FERRY ROAD» is a homage to something ancient and original in us – the hope for happiness.

Shem’s unique voice strikes right at heart. «OLD FERRY ROAD,» asks you to take your time, to slow down. His voice underlaid with lean production – guitar pickings, a gentle pulsating beat and spherical sounds – has plenty of room here. He manages to turn a difficult chapter of his life into a jewel. In «OLD FERRY ROAD» no fireworks are ignited, but hearts are opened.

Here you can listen to the song: