Artists – Sun state Of Mind

“No Pain, No Gain” is about pain and the struggles of life, but it is not only about experiencing and suffering but how we can deal with it and grow from it. When pain tears you apart, it offers the chance to put yourself back together again, stronger and stronger.

 Every setback, every step back, can also mean two steps forward. It’s the brand new single from Sun State of Mind, made in hard times, at home, alone. We are all experiencing a time of crisis; all we can do is make the best of it: find a way to live with it and move forward. 

For Sun State of Mind, this way is music, with its help, they process their feelings, fears and dreams in lyrics and melodies. It is also an attempt to perhaps give other people a little light in these dark times. 

Already with their debut album “Window”, which was released in early 2020, the two musicians try to draw attention to the sunny side of life. Their songs are meant to inspire and make you think. 

With their crisp, psychedelic guitar sound and powerful soul voice, Sun State of Mind creates a warm, modern sound. In their live performances, they make use of loop stations. 

If you were to close your eyes at one of their concerts, you could easily think you were listening to a band with several members – with guitar, bass, electric drums and polyphonic vocals. They have already performed on stages in Austria, Germany and Switzerland and are also often busking in their hometown Vienna. 

In 2021 they will record more songs and play in Vienna’s underground stations, as part of the “U-Bahn-Stars “. Their planned concerts, like for all other artists, are still written in the stars. Nevertheless, they are trying to use the time to create new inspirations and songs. Maybe they will also play one or two balcony concerts again 🙂 

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