Hi, my name is Dave Allen I compose music for Heroes and artists, I have composed music with Lichfield Cathedral Choir my song “We Will Remember you”.  My Son a Commando in Afghanistan now in Special Forces counter-terrorism, hence the song I composed  Glory To The Boys which has been played all over the World and live on tv.

A famous rock star also produced it, and the Band played it at Military Bases all over the UK and sang you really got me with the Ghurkas they wanted to televise it and photoshoots but was stopped because the one I sang with was to be assassinated by the Taliban.

Our new song is for the NHS & Key Workers around the World called Sing and Dance for the NHS which I composed and produced by the Sax player from Simply Red Squeeze. I used to teach horticulture & designs.

I managed several Bands. Still, I stopped when I found the right one; the lead guitarist became very famous. I helped him all the way, My Families Military History goes back to Waterloo-the Somme-Burma-Desert Rats -Afghan. You can check out all the other songs on Youtube.

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