Guest – Post Agy

I am Agy or  full name Agnieszka I am professional female arm wrestler World & Multiple British champions.

Originally from Poland, and I have been working in the UK since 2005 and competing for Team GB since 2013.

People often see me as their motivator and inspiration, and I am happy to help and support others.

As an athlete, I feel like I have got installed self-motivation and self-discipline. Every competition is not only physical but mental challenge where I have to face it and prepare for it…I must admit it isn’t always easy. Months of preparations for significant events didn’t succeed well as I expected because all different distractions disturbed my mind at the most critical moments.

So yes, I have to cope with my “ups & downs” regarding my sports career or private life. I was a sports person required commitment and sacrifices to achieve the highest goals. On another side is a personal life with job commitment and never endless care about family and friends.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by amazing people I can always count for, so I feel like I have to return the same kindness.

I recently showed how many people need to be surrounded by optimistic and happy vibes and coping with my problems. I decided to create those vibes foe as many people as I can.

I have lost a few friends over recent few years those painful experiences made me reflect on the sense of own lives, behaviours and every one individual paths…

After all, I came to a conclusion…Just be kind, respect yourself and others and keep positive vibes around you as much as possible. Take a deep breath when the uncomfortable or stressful situation happened and follow the sentence “Always look forward with a smile”……

You can build your will power, motivation or even become a sportsmanlike me follow my social media :

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Stay Strong & Motivated from Agy