Guest- Post James Kennedy

I am a singer-songwriter, owner of Konic Records and former frontman of the band ‘Kythera’. I’m from South Wales and have been active since 2002.

 I have released seven albums (three with Kythera & four as a solo artist) covering various styles, including Alternative Rock, acoustic, experimental electronica, soft rock and Prog.

 Lyrical themes usually cover political & philosophical themes, including mental health, meaning, death & love. I have overcome a lot in my life, including losing half of my hearing at the age of 10 due to childhood surgery. 

I have taught myself how to play several instruments & music production and setting up my label after being rejected (or ripped off) by every other label. 

After years of alcohol dependency and recovering from an emotional meltdown and existential crisis a few years back, I have become teetotal, which has left me happier, healthier and more productive than ever before.

 My journey through this part of my life was journaled on my album ‘Home’ which explores both my experience of depression and coming out the other side with a clearer appreciation for what’s important in life. A song which sums up the album can be heard at

I recently released my first book in October, a memoir entitled ‘Noise Damage: My Life as a Rock’n’Roll Underdog’ which charts my life as a musician.

So far & has many detours into mental health issues (including a whole chapter devoted to sharing the tricks I learned through years worth of therapy) and my latest album, ‘Make Anger Great Again’, a heavy rock political album was released this September. 

More on the book can be found at

The album can be found at

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